How does PayView work?

Send Proof of Funds

Securely log into your bank accounts to generate a complete Proof of Funds report and send to authorized parties.

Request Proof of Funds

Generate proof of funds requests to send directly to your clients. Receive proof of funds reports directly from your clients bank.

Security and Privacy are #1

You only share what account information you want, we will never share any of your log in credentials or account information.

Fast & Secure

Securely Send and Receive Proof of Funds

Securly log into your bank accounts
Generate templated Proof of Funds reports
Secure messaging between users

Manage Incoming & Outgoing Proof of Funds

Buyers Agent

Pre-qualifying new buyer clients

Listing Agents

Ensure prospective buyers have necessary funds available for cash transactions

Mortgage Lenders

Easily and accurately review clients past transactions and available cash balance

Private Lenders

Conduct due dilligence on prospective borrowers

PayView Pricing

Included with App

PayView Service is free to signup and send requests for Proof of Funds.

$25 per report

Sending a Proof of Funds Report is a $25 charge.

Send and Receive
Proof of Funds